I was first introduced to the arts by a drama teacher in high school. Since then, through a series of chance meetings and being at the right place at the right time (and a little bit of hard work), I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in numerous projects spanning across different art forms including theatre, writing, poetry, film, digital media and more.

Most of my work (and development as an artist) can be attributed to Outloud. Through them I’ve produced a few theatre shows and events, performed in productions, facilitate workshops and manage the wide range of programs they run. On a more administrative side, I create marketing collateral for the projects including posters and videos and have created and managed websites for a few projects. Overall my role there was to keep the place running a smoothly as possible.

Bankstown Poetry Slam has also played a role in my growth as a writer/poet and performer. I was introduced to spoken word poetry through Def Jam Poetry via YouTube as a teenager and then attended the first BPS back in 2014. I realised there was finally a chance for me to perform such work. Since then, through the slam, I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with a number of incredible artists and take part in amazing projects, including performing at the Sydney Writers Festival, the Sydney Biennale and developing a spoken word theatre production to name a few.

I’m very excited to have started a new role with Story Factory in 2020 as a Storyteller; working with students all over Sydney to help develop their confidence and literacy.